幼儿园启蒙的数学绘本高清24册Math Made Fun
幼儿园启蒙的数学绘本高清24册Math Made Fun
幼儿园启蒙的数学绘本高清24册Math Made Fun
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幼儿园启蒙的数学绘本高清24册Math Made Fun 
I Know About Money, It's So Funny! 
1,2,3, It's Easy for Me! 
There is Order On the Border 
I Can Measure Weight at Any Rate 
I See a Pattern, What Can I Learn 
3-D Shapes Are Like Green Grapes!
I Can Measure Length, It Has No Strength! 
I Can Add, It's Not So Bad! 
I Know the Days in Many Ways! 
Let's Compare If You Dare 
I Can Tell Time with a Rhyme! 
Skip Count by 10, Let's Do It Again 
You Can Estimate, That's Really Great! 
I Know Fractions by Their Actions! 
I Can Divide, I Need No Guide! 
I Can Subtract, It's Not an Act! 
I Can Multiply, It's Not a Lie! 
Let's Sort, It's a Real Sport 
2-D Shapes Are Behind the Drapes! 
Skip Count by 2, Now Can You
We Have the Skills to Know US Bills 
Can You Count More than Before
Skip Count by 5, It's No Jive 
Let's All Assume, We Can Measure Volume!