适合初中生的英语语法练习册Grammar On The Go 5册PDF源文件
适合初中生的英语语法练习册Grammar On The Go 5册PDF源文件
适合初中生的英语语法练习册Grammar On The Go 5册PDF源文件
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适合初中生的英语语法练习册Grammar On The Go 5册PDF源文件,这套练习册还有语法教学功能,边教边练
第一册 Speech简介:
The words in our language can be divided into eight main categories, depending on the job they do in a sentence. Some words have multiple functions and can be used in more than one way.
第二册 Puntuation简介:
Punctuation marks are like symbols used in our  language. It’s important to use punctuation carefully as these symbols help to  clarify the meaning of what we write.
第三册 Sentences简介:
Sentences enable us to  communicate complete thoughts in both speaking and writing. Learning to write strong sentences can make our writing more powerful.
第四册 Paragraphs简介:
A paragraph has a topic sen-tence, supporting sentences, and a closing sentence. Each sentence in the paragraph should focus on one main idea. Paragraphs generally have five sentences.
第五册 Spelling简介:
Which witch is which? Making sure our words are spelled correctly can help avoid confusion in our writ-ing so we know that the messages we send are clear and correct.

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