丽声唱学自然拼读 全套四级  PDF + MP3
丽声唱学自然拼读 全套四级 PDF + MP3
丽声唱学自然拼读 全套四级 PDF + MP3
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《丽声唱学自然拼读第一册》共14 首歌曲,学习目标:

26 个英文字母的字母名和字母音;
5 个元音字母发短音的情况;
字母s,m,h,p,b,t,n,r,d,c,f,l 的发音。

1. The Letter Parade
2. The Vowel Song
3.The Letter “s” Swing, Swing Up
4. Short “a” Fat Cat
5. “m” and Short “a” Sam the Man
6. Short “u” Bud the Duck
7. “h” and “p” Huff and Puff
8. “b” and “t” B-Bop-B and Toe-Tap-T
9. Short “e” Jen’s Pet Hen
10. Short”o” Tom Hops
11. “n” and “r” Nell and Rob
12. Short “i” Jill and Bill
13. “d”and Hard “c” Come on Over
14. “f” and “I” The Frog and the Lad

《丽声唱学自然拼读第二册》共13 首歌曲,学习目标:
字母g,j,v,w,x,y,z 的发音;
字母组合qu 的发音。

1. We Are Long Vowels
2. Long “a” Jake the Ape
3. Hard “g” Gus the Goat
4. Long “o” A Mole and a Toad
5. “qu” The Letters “qu”
6. “j” Jelly and Jam
7. “V” and “W” Val with the Vet
8. “x”, “y” and “z”(y as a consonant)
9. Long “e” Sweet Dream
10. Long “i” Bike Ride
11. Long “u” Sue’s Flute
12. “y” The Sometimes Vowel
13. Soft “g” George the Giant

《丽声唱学自然拼读第三册》共12 首歌曲,学习目标:
字母组合ch,sh,th,wh,oo,ng,igh,oi,ay,oy,ow,ou 的发音;
字母k 和c 的发音;

1. “ch” Chew, Chew
2.“sh” A Wish to Share
3.“th” My Thumbs
4.“wh” Wheels and Whales
5.“oo” Can Make Two Sounds
6.“ng” Sing! Sing!
7.“igh” Night Light
8. “oi” Singing “oi” Words
9. “ay ” and “oy” Troy and Ray
10. “ow“ & “ou” Round and Round
12. Silent “h” and “k” Knock, Knock

《丽声唱学自然拼读第四册》共13 首歌曲,学习目标:
pr 的发音。

1.“ar” I Love the Park
2.“or” Storm in Port
3. “er”, “ir” and “ur” Swirl, Twirl, Girl
4. “ck” Click Clack Jack
5. “sp” and “st” Space Station
6. “sm” and “sn” Smell and Sniff
7. “sc“ and “sk” The Scampy Skunk
8. “sl“ and “sw” A Swift Sled Ride
9. “bl” and “cl” Blow, Blow
10. “fl“ and “pl” A Flea and a Fly
11. “br” and “cr